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Ibitoye Ayodele

Created Apr 20, 2021 Lagos Nigeria
Mrs. Victoria Olusola is a 70-year-old grandmother raising her grandchildren all by herself and is on the verge of losing her sight. We visited her today and we found out the following:
(1)Mama lost one of her eyes some years ago to improper treatment of Glaucoma and cataract by the hospital she visited for help with her eyes and thereby left with one eye after then.
(2) Mama Victoria is a single mother of two daughters after which her husband absconded and she was saddled with the responsibility to take care and raise her daughters by herself without a father figure of any sort. The eldest daughter moved to Ondo state a few years after and has not been acting responsible in any way and as it is Mama does not know of her whereabouts except that she is in Ondo state.
(3) Her second daughter however was the breadwinner of the family, taking care of her mother after she lost one eye, her children and sometimes her elder sister even after she moved to Ondo. Mrs. Akinmuleya was married and had two boys Daniel and Michael Akinmuleya, 7 and 5 years old respectively. She also took care of a girl together with the family and she worked hard to provide money for drugs and adequate treatment for her mother.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Akinmuleya passed away in the month of March 2020 during childbirth at the age of 36 and Mama has been taking care of herself, her grandchildren and the girl whom Mrs. Akinmuleya was taking care of.
According to Mama during the interview, Mr. Akinmuleya was taken away by his extended family as he was an orphan and the death of his wife took a toll on him. He is also currently in Ondo state working as a fisherman but has not made contact with his children or his mother-in-law since the burial of his wife. Every effort made by Mama to get to him has proven abortive and both boys have not gone to school since the demise of their mother.
Mrs. Esther Tessy who is a member of the church Daniel and Michael attend reached out to us on Facebook and informed us of the condition of Mama Victoria. As it is, Mama has an outstanding rent of over #40000 with a quit notice and she lives on begging from other people to go to the hospital to treat her other eye which is almost blind and feed her grandchildren.
Sadly, 7-year-old Daniel was asked how it has been living in this condition but all he could do was cry because he was evidently overwhelmed by the situation surrounding. He also pleaded with us that he would love to go back to school with his little brother and become a Doctor for the sake of his grandmother.
Dear readers, Mama Victoria is very old with one eye which is almost as blind as the other as she can barely see or recognize her own grandchildren whom she takes care of all by herself. She has not been able to take them back to school neither has she been able to pay her house rent. She is on the verge of losing her sight, home and future of her grandchildren. Ibitoye Ayodele and her team gave her a sum of #10,000 to feed her grandchildren until help comes for her. This cannot sustain her and we plead with the public to help Mama save all she has left.
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Ibitoye Ayodele

Created Apr 20, 2021 Lagos Nigeria

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