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Created Sep 26, 2020 Abuja, Imo, Nasarawa, Enugu, Anambra State
  • The back-to-school season for many parents, “Is the most wonderful time of the year. However for others it’s a time of stress and anxiety, where significant extra costs stretch already tight budgets. For individuals and families living in poverty, the school necessities can’t be purchased because families need to put all their funds in more pressing needs.

    We know that children living in poverty feel different from their peers they feel the imbalance and this places psychological stressors on them from a very early age. Feelings of isolation, a lack of acceptance, anger and hopelessness are often the results.

    Children begin acting out or withdrawing, which further affects the quality of their education. students living in poverty are at a significant disadvantage to their peers.

    Education is a pivotal ingredient in breaking the cycle of poverty. If children do not enter school feeling confident, prepared or excited to learn, their educational experience will be compromised, the effects rippling down throughout their life.

    So we help fix this imbalance by helping students feel prepared and confident for the school year ahead.

    We would like to introduce you to the ADOPT A CHILD AND EDUCATE Project for less privileged children.

    We hope you will join us in making a difference in the lives of these children.

    This program touches it truly gives them hope!

    So what can you do to help this? Great question! And there is so much you can do.

    You could help us raise supplies at your business or ask your colleagues to get involved and support this project.

  • You could raise funds for it, make a corporate donation.

    You could purchase supplies and donate them or collect brand new supplies from people who would like to donate them.

    Join us as we change the lives of children through education.

    As part of our commitment to encouraging quality education for all, we will be distributing free school supplies and awarding scholarships to some selected children in 5 states across Nigeria with your support.

    #1project5statesAbujaImo StateEnugu StateKaduna StateNasarawa State

    Target audience: 250 pupils in primary school and 250 students in Secondary School.

    ROHEF annual back to school supply donation and scholarships for indigent children across Nigeria. This is an annual program that was launched in 2017 to cater for the needs of children who are out of school or their parents and guardians are not been able to see them through school.

    In the course of our work in the educational institution, we considered the deplorable state of the environment in which students learn and one of the key factors to receiving qualitative learning experience is the furniture, and why our commitment has so far centered on renovation of the classrooms and provision of chairs to 500 students, provision of 10,000 exercise books, 8000 writing materials, 1000 school bags, 1500 footwear and scholarships. These interventions has been conducted in 5 States till date.

    Pls we will need the following items but not limited to them.

    Pens - ₦50 x 1000 = ₦50,000

    Pencils - ₦50 x 500 = 25,000

    Chalks - ₦200 x 300 = ₦60,000

    Socks - ₦200 x 1,000 = ₦200,000

    Erasers - ₦50 x 500 = ₦25,000

    Rulers - ₦50 x 500 = ₦25,000
    Shoes - ₦2,000 x 500 = ₦1,000,000

    School Bags - ₦3,000 x 500 = ₦1,500,000

  • Exercise books per child- ₦1,000 x1,000 = ₦1,000,000

  • School uniforms - ₦5000 x 200 = ₦1,000,000

    Mathsets - ₦400 x 300 = ₦120,000

  • Canvases - ₦1500 x 500 = ₦750,000

  • Sharpeners - ₦50 x 500 = ₦25,000

    White boards - ₦15,000 x 50 = ₦750,000

    White board markers - ₦1000 x 100 = ₦100,000

  • Tables and chairs - ₦10,000 x 500 = ₦5,000,000

    Cost of visiting 5 StatesTransport, Media, welfare, accommodation and miscellaneous: ₦1,500,000
    Total cost: ₦13,130,000

    Items purchased or received will be donated to children in need in the five states mentioned above.

  • Pls you can also sponsor a child's education by paying his or her school fees. Nothing is too little to give.
    Words may be forgotten but memories last for a life time.
    Why not be part of those who made the memories possible?

  • Do you know that Your ₦500, ₦1000, ₦2000, ₦3000, ₦4000, ₦5000 Naira etc can make a significant difference in someone's life today.
  • There is no better time to give than now. God bless you as you donate to better the life of one child through education.

  • For more information: pls call, +23481-17060976+23481- 17420070+23480 - 65268985You can also follow us on Instagram: @rohef_ngoFacebook: Ray of hope empowerment foundation
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Ray Of Hope Empowerment Foundation

Created Sep 26, 2020 Abuja, Imo, Nasarawa, Enugu, Anambra State

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