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Soluchi Okoye

Created Jun 27, 2020 Lagos, Nigeria
The Mokwugo Okoye Foundation is founded by Soluchi Okoye, a type-1 diabetic to raise awareness on type-1 diabetes and support low income children with type-1 diabetes across Nigeria. As someone living with this condition, I understand the difficulty in navigating the challenges diabetics experience in Nigeria. Some of these challenges are lack of information, high cost of medication and supplies, as well as correct nutrition information. Diabetes is an auto-immune disorder where the body attacks the hormone, insulin, which is essential for blood sugar regulation. Type 1 diabetics heavily rely on insulin injections which are very costly, averaging at about N15000 monthly. Besides insulin, there are other supplies a diabetic needs in order to maintain their health such as a glucometer, blood sugar test strips and needles to name a few, all of which are not cheap by any means. On average a type-1 diabetic spends N30000 on supplies a month, the average Nigerian is unable to afford this. This is what inspired me to set-up this foundation. As well as raising awareness and providing support, the foundation also aims at increasing the rate of early detection of type-1 diabetes to prevent and reduce the occurrence of complications and even death. The foundation plans to achieve this by periodically conducting outreach programs in low income areas in Nigeria for children between the ages of 1-21 years. The children will be tested for three biomarkers of diabetes; a random blood sugar test, ketone urine test and eye exam. Children found to be pre-diabetic or diabetic will be supported by the foundation with getting further medical attention, medical supplies and information the child needs in order to stay healthy. Type-1 diabetes is more common than we think. Many children and youth are dying because of misdiagnoses and complications that may arise from the condition. We implore you to get involved in any way that you can to improve the health and quality of life of these children and youth. You can get involved by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word. Please contact me by sending an email to

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Soluchi Okoye
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Soluchi Okoye

Created Jun 27, 2020 Lagos, Nigeria

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