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Adeleye Adeoye

*. #HelpLeyeWalkAgain .* *Click link to Support and Pray for me* *I am Leye Temi...

No deadline ₦5,000 Raised 1%

Goal ₦1,000,000

Starting my own clothing business


I started learning to sew and make clothes at the tender age of 12, and ever sin...

61 days left ₦8,500 Raised 1%

Goal ₦1,000,000

Help me purchase a rice milling machine

Asogwa Fabian

I am a rice farmer based in abakaliki. Ebonyi state I have spent a lot of money...

52 days left ₦446,000 Raised 22%

Goal ₦2,000,000

Help me buy a better prosthetic leg

Olomide Adebayo

My name is Adebayo. I had an accident in which I lost one of my leg, since then...

76 days left ₦462,445 Raised 154%

Goal ₦300,000


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Fundraising for farming

Amabel Ette

I am a single mother of 1. 27 years. I used all my life savings to purchase the...

No deadline ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦500,000

Starting my Uber business

Sunday David Effiong

Please I want to purchase a Toyota Avalon for my Uber business. The last car I u...

No deadline ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦700,000

Please donate to Veronica Udoh

Akeabasi Udoh

Please help, my mom has been in the hospital for about five months now. She fell...

6 days left ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦1,800,000

Setting up photo and video studio.

Uwa Images and Films

Please help me to raise fund to enable me finish the setting up of my photo and...

128 days left ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦400,000

Save helpless children in nigeria

ibro musa foundation

Ibro musa foundation establish to help homeless helpless children in Nigeria wit...

No deadline ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦4,000,000

Help us set up a cryptocurrency wallet & coin

Eze Ikechukwu

Hello, My name is Eze Ikechukwu. We want to setup a cryptocurrency wallet &...

No deadline ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦5,000,000

Setting up a recycling center.

Eze Ikechukwu

My name is Eze Ikechukwu,the director of AIQUE Environmental Management,Nigeria....

No deadline ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦10,000,000

Help to pay my school fees.

Ogbanga Minafuro

I really need help from anyone that can help to fund the payment of my school fe...

36 days left ₦0 Raised 0%

Goal ₦300,000






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